See what the Experts are saying about Nechamkin Chasing Tools and Silversmithing

"I love the (Nechamkin Pistol Grip) hammer. I have tendonitis and when I am using it it doesn't even cause me any pain. It was expensive and definitely worth it. Thankfully I was able to try it out first when I was taking Megan Corwin's class. During the class, I knew I had to have it."

- Dorn Williston

"Nechamkin Silver Studios has done a wonderful job helping to preserve Baltusrol's history. Their quality of work and attention to detail are unsurpassed. We wouldn't trust our valuable trophies to anyone else."

- Kevin P. Vitale, CCM
Baltusrol Golf Club, Host of the 2016 PGA Championship

"When I was talking to Liza about this hammer she was so determined to have it exactly like you see it that I thought it would never happen. I am impressed. You guys have no idea how much effort went into making a hammer like this. No compromises, no half measures, no 'lets make a small change here or there because it will save money or be easier.' This hammer is exactly how she wanted it. My hat is off to you liza. I am impressed."

— Kevin Potter- Tool Maker/Owner, Potter USA

"I love this hammer! Beautiful balance and significant strike without effort. The handle is very sensuous and light. Probably what I like best about it is how effortless it is to use with just the right amount of flex in the handle and force in the blow. The sound of the head hitting the tool is not as high a ping as you get with other hammers. I think it is one of the best I have ever used.
"Nechamkin Chasing Tools are elegant, easy to hold and an amazing deal. I had a student order a set when they were first available (and then proceed to make the most beautiful textures based on a texture wheel Liza makes available). She and I felt the tools were balanced and finely finished. I whole heartedly recommend these chasing tools, especially for fine chasing work."

— Nancy Megan Corwin, Professional Chaser, Educator and Author of Chasing and Repousse, Methods Ancient and Modern - Seattle WA

"I can't tell you how pleased I am with the broach! Its absolutely magnificent! My father loves it, I couldn't have given him a better gift. I cant get over the fact that it is hand made, the detail is perfect and I also love the treatment you did to make the engraving pop. It is precisely what I wanted. I'll be sure to recommend your services to any one who may have use of them."

— Nigel Barrier, North Carolina, Custom Sterling Silver Family Crest Broach

"I have experimented with many types of chasing styles in my 35 plus years of being a silversmith, and find Nechamkin Chasing Tools 25 pc set to be a superior kit. The quality is excellent, the shapes provided will cover many designing possibilities, and the price is absolutely the best there is! I also have a custom set of her tools, and they are great as well. French tools from the early 20th century are no better, and if you can find them, they usually are in need of refurbishing, which even then will not necessarily give you a tool as pristine, inexpensive and serviceable as those that Liza has designed. So unless you just like spending money or making tools, buy a set of Nechamkin tools, and immediately start enjoying the creative art of chasing."

— George Cloyed, Master Silversmith of Cloyed Silversmiths - Virginia

"The set of Nechamkin Chasing Tools are top quality. What I mean by that more specifically is that they are manufactured by someone who knows the art of chasing inside and out; this knowledge comes through in the shape and finish of each and every tool. There are no superfluous tools in this set. Each and every one has a specific function and is perfectly formed and polished to perform that function in the most efficient manner. Each is hardened at the tip and gradually tempered toward the back. This ensures that the tool responds in a predictable manner and is safer for the chaser using them. It is not possible to purchase a higher quality set of tools on the market today. I would go so far as to say that there aren't many who could make a better set for themselves either. Simply stated these tools are a wise buy."

— Heidi Quant, Master Silversmith, Toolmaker - Virginia

"Nechamkin chasing tools are exceptional. They are superbly made and far superior in quality to any other brands I have seen on the market. They are exceedingly well rendered and remarkably crafted. The 25 piece set is well thought out and usable for a wide range of chasing and repousse applications. Nechamkin chasing tools are a step up in precision balance and beauty combined. They are FANTASTIC!"

— Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez, Master Goldsmith & Sculptor, Professor, Metals Department, Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY

"I have worked with Liza for nearly fifteen years and I know how much she respects quality hand tools, both for their use and their intrinsic beauty. For Liza to put her name on a set of chasing tools, you may rest assured that they are of the highest quality. They are a pleasure to hold and to work with. Each tool is precisely shaped and perfectly polished. I would recommend these to anyone looking to purchase chasing tools, whether novice or master."

— Tom Levicky, Master Metal Spinner, Tool Maker - Parsippany, NJ

"Every time I open that little canister, I can almost see golden healing rays just pouring out of it. They feel so good in my hands. I went over the things I had done before with them as well as starting something new. They seem to bring everything out a little better. They really seem to make things pop on the chasing. They feel like a little luxury I gave myself. I now have something wonderful to hand over to another generation. I would never have known what a high quality tool was, if not for experiencing the pleasure and ease of using your superlative tools.
"Once upon a time, I was involved in (Ninjitsu) martial arts. I considered it a part of my spirituality, as many involved in it do. It is said that the master sword makers put a piece of their soul into each sword they make. Liza is the same. I didn't know what a tool was supposed to feel like, but when I held hers, I felt that balance - like the swords - and I knew. Here was a maker who put her very soul into the tools she makes. It's only millimeters and grams, but it makes all the difference, whether it's a throwing knife or a chasing tool. Not everyone can perceive it (makers or users), but it affects their work regardless, just like air pressure affects us all. Her sensitivity is what makes her tools unique. It's a rare quality I want you to know how much I appreciate what has been put into them."

— Anne Thevenin, Metalsmith - SanDiego, CA

"I just wanted to say how much I love your tools! I just finished up a five say studio workshop and had the opportunity to try out your chasing tools. I found myself seeking out your tools over the others that were available, time and again (as did the other participants). I am new to chasing and repousse work, but I will be making a purchase of your set of tools to continue the work I started in the workshop. It's a joy to work with quality well designed and crafted tools and really frees up the creative process. Thanks again for making such a quality product!"

— Dawn Teasdale

"Hi Liza, I got my tools this week and i just love them! They are amazing! They feel incredible, well balanced and perfect weight. Ideal. Many many thanks!"

— Jesus Marrero Hernandez - Chaser from Ireland

"Hi Liza, we are currently taking a class with Megan Corwin, and had an opportunity to try out her lovely hammer that was made by you! The weight and balance of it, is incredible! Jan Spencley and I each just ordered one and can't wait to have our own to use. I have a set of your tools already and love, love them. Thank you for creating tools that do the job they are meant to do and made so beautifully."

— Shanna Thomas - Metalsmith

Close up of Chasing Tool being used

Nechamkin Tools in a tool canister